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Welcome to my blog! I am Meredith Loughlin, an independent, cross-disciplined artist/designer/photographer. I work in the mediums of photography, collage, and jewelry.

My artwork is about identifying that which is unseen.
When the boundaries between material reality and the spiritual realm merge, a sanctuary is created. Within, there is no longer a desire for anything except to be connected to infinity and eternity and the unlimited reaches of the universe.

The medium of photo-based collage helps me visualize and illuminate each of my individual concepts. Whether the subject is an interpretive portrait; an artificially created vignette of nature; or a landscape where the inner and outer spirit meet; my objective is to create a rare glimpse into an unexpected dimension.
I live in Washington, NC where I own and operate Lone Leaf Gallery and Custom Framing with my wonderful and talented husband, Neil Loughlin.

I also make jewelry and other utilitarian objects with my product line, Mera Handmade.

Please enjoy exploring my multiple webpages, and I hope you can find some consistent chord that runs throughout. Thanks!

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Contact Info:
Meredith Loughlin
624 W 2nd St.
Washington, NC 27889
252 947 2553